A few of our NFTY-OV regional events are hosted by synagogues throughout the region. When a synagogue hosts an event, congregants from the host synagogue as well as families that live in the same city in the surrounding area near that synagogue volunteer to house teens who are attending the event. It is expected that families who live within 30 minutes of the host congregation/venue will volunteer as host homes. If we do not secure enough spots for out-of-town participants, local teens will be required to stay in their own homes.

For most events, you will be housing the teens on Friday and Saturday night (at Spring Kallah also Thursday night). Pickup at night is typically around 10:00-11:00pm and drop off in the morning is typically around 8:30-9:30am. You will receive an exact schedule in advance of the event.

You can house as many teens (NFTY requires a minimum of 3) as you can transport safely with seat belts. Please know that you DO NOT need to provide beds. Each teen will bring a sleeping bag and pillow. All housing is single gender housing. Host families will typically provide Saturday and Sunday breakfast (at Spring, also Friday breakfast). Late night snacks are also encouraged!


The next home hosted event is Spring Kallah April 2-5, 2020, in Nashville, TN.

To volunteer to house at Spring Kallah, please fill out this form.

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