Return of the Tute

NFTY Ohio Valley Return to the TUTE November 13-14

All Jewish 9th-12th grade teens in Ohio Valley are invited to join us November 13th-14th for Return of the Tute.  You can register here on RJ on The Go!

Return of the Tute is NFTY Ohio Valley's Leadership throwback event. This event will kick off Friday at 7pm eastern with a fun mixer lead by Shabbat services, and end Saturday with a movie night!! Here are some fun things to help you get ready for the event!!

Friday night we will be playing "Among Us" here is a video that teaches you how to play if you've never played before and helps you get a better understanding of the game: How to Play Among Us. We suggest you play a couple of games on your own first. It is suggested that you play Among Us on a different device than you are on the zoom with, however, if that is not possible that is 100% okay! Among us is available on IOS and Android App Store for and is also available on Steam.

Also for Friday, we will be having lots of throwback music playing through the night and we want YOUR help to create a tubular playlist!! Fill out this form to give us some of your favorite throwback songs, or just your favorite songs in general. These can be any genre of songs but please keep them appropriate.

For Saturday night we are doing a movie night make sure you have the teleparty browser extension added 

Additionally here is a google drive folder that we will add stuff to like, name-tags, fliers, and important information as we get closer to the event.

Additional information