Blog  Midwestukah Day 5: 5 things you can do to help the Community

Midwestukah Day 5: 5 things you can do to help the Community

Not just with Covid-19, but with winter and the holidays approaching, there is so much we can be doing to help our friends, families, and respective communities. The world is bigger than ourselves, and especially with it being around the holiday season, it’s important to take time to reflect and to do things that are bigger than yourself. Here is a list of five things we can be doing to be active parts of our communities. Here are just five things, but there are so many more things you can do. Comment on some other things you have been doing to create a positive impact!

Let people know you hear them
Right now with the high-stress environment of midterms, covid, and other pressures that aren’t out of the normal, there tends to be a mental drain that can seriously affect people’s mental health. It’s so important to let people know you see them, that you hear them, and that you understand them. Being empathetic towards people’s struggles will help them to know they aren’t alone in their struggles. Be a shoulder for others to lean on. Give people the room to share their feelings and be heard the way they need to be heard.

Help out people in need
This applies to both now (with Covid) and in general. Right now, there are so many people who are at high risk who can’t go to places like the grocery store to get food. Something we can do is to offer to help out with those tasks and go do them for them. Also, this is just the time of giving. There are so many people who need help, especially during this time of year as the weather gets colder. It always feels nice to make a donation or to simply do anything to give someone something to help them.

Many places may not be open to help during the pandemic, but those that are are really in need of help. Volunteering at a food bank/soup kitchen or a homeless shelter can stem out to impact those in the community who need aid more than we do.

Being an advocate
Being an advocate involves being educated on issues and being more self-aware of your personal biases and where you stand in society. Learning to stand up for others and listen to them when they have something to say is extremely important. We all have a voice, and more than ever, we need to actively strive to find it, and to use it.

Donate/sign petitions
While it may be a bit difficult to find sponsors or donors during tight pandemic times, various places are always accepting of donations in any form. Whether it’s money, clothes, food, etc it’s always a mitzvah to put other people’s needs before your own (especially if said person is in need). Signing petitions is another great way to help the community during these times seeing how many will reach governmental positions to bring about change. is a great place to find petitions for any topic and spread awareness on a plethora of social action categories