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Yala Y’all – NFTY OV Virtual Experiences

Hey Ohio Valley!

Bettina and Macey here. We hope you are staying safe and healthy during these difficult times. We know it can be challenging to take care of ourselves as we’re all stuck at home, away from our friends and out of our normal routines, so we wanted to start an initiative to help all of us stay proactive in taking care of our mental and physical health.

Along with the Ohio Valley Regional Board we will be using social media and virtual Zoom meetings to encourage y’all to stay positive and connected to our NFTY community. It’s important to find a good balance between productivity and rest in these confusing times, and to stay informed about how to keep yourself and others safe. We also are hoping to take something away from this experience when life returns back to “normal.” This may take a while, but we hope that this time away from everyday business gives us a moment to reflect and rest.

In order to stay active and connected, we will be hosting virtual programs and sessions twice a week where you can come and hang out, have some fun and possibly learn something. These sessions will range from a movie night to life skills lesson to fun in the kitchen.

We also want to learn from you! As we set up our beginning sessions, we want to know if you have any sessions you want to lead for the region. Do you have a skill you want to teach? Or something social you want to lead the region in? Please let us know, we’re excited to hear from you and see what you have to teach us! We will also be posting helpful tips on social including how to comfortable daily routine and how to support others in your community. We will also have “challenges” to give you all the opportunity to show your NFTY friends how you are staying healthy and occupied.

Our theme for this initiative is “Yala Y’all”- a play on Hebrew slang for “Come on! Let’s go!”. We want to use our virtual spaces to encourage NFTY OV to come together as a kehila kedosha - a holy community - even when physically apart. Thank you for your participation and energy and we are excited to see you online until we can see you in person again!

Macey and Bettina