Blog  2019-2020 NFTY OV Calendar

2019-2020 NFTY OV Calendar

Here is the 2019-2020 NFTY Ohio Valley Regional Calendar! With so much to look forward to, check out the top 5 things the Regional Board is excited for:

  1. We are bringing all of our Midwest friends together for the ULTIMATE party at Midwest Mesibah!
  2. There is a brand new, super accessible sub-regional event, that is mindful of cost, time, and travel!
  3. Events are now more evenly distributed throughout the year, so we never have to go too long without seeing our friends!
  4. We are traveling to cool places, like Nashville, Cincinnati, Louisville, Worthington, and Indianapolis!
  5. NFTY678 is going to have two events, giving them a better taste of what they get to look forward to in high school!