Blog  Apply to be the NFTY OV Financial Vice President (FVP)!

Apply to be the NFTY OV Financial Vice President (FVP)!

Are you interested in applying to join the 2019-2020 NFTY-OV Regional Board as the Financial Vice President? Do you want to have a lasting impact on our region through fundraising for our scholarship fund and other causes our region cares about, managing the Shuk (regional swag store), and continue to guide NFTY-OV to the highest level? We are excited to share the FVP Application Packet which contains all necessary information, documents, and deadlines. Please take the time to read the application packet carefully. All applications are due by Thursday, April 25 at 5PM Eastern.

Important Action Items to be Apply for FVP:


1. Download and read over the FVP Application Packet for 2019-2020

2. Discuss your intent to apply with your parents and your Rabbi or TYG Advisor

3. Submit all necessary paperwork by email no later than Thursday, April 25 at 5PM Eastern 

4. Email all questions to Emma Zelkind (President) and Dori Singer Zoot (Regional Director)