Blog  Cincinnati Jewish Teens Response to Mass Shooting Downtown

Cincinnati Jewish Teens Response to Mass Shooting Downtown

These are the bracelets for the NFTY Ohio Valley Gives Back project introduced this year. Each color represents a different cause our community is passionate about.       Teal: Sexual Violence Prevention   Purple: NFTY Ohio Valley Scholarship Fund   Orange: Gun Violence Prevention   Rainbow: Changes each event to support a local cause in the hosting city

On Thursday September 6th, there was yet another senseless act of gun violence in our country, this time on our home turf, of Cincinnati, Ohio. Fountain Square is a place where, for years, people have ice skated, eaten Graeter’s, celebrated, danced, and been a true Cincinnatian with all our various traditions. Now it is the sight of another mass shooting in our country.

Being Reform Jewish teens, we have had to hear, “Do not stand idly by while your neighbor’s blood is shed” Leviticus 19:6, too many times this year when quite literally our neighbor’s blood is being shed. It is a time to reflect, take action, and make a change. As teens who care about making the world a better place, and as NFTYites, we will take this tragedy and turn it into a way to get our fellow teens to become registered voters, contact our representatives to make our voices heard, and many more civic engagement tasks.

At our first event of the year, Leadership Training Kallah, we started our NFTY Ohio Valley Gives Back project where we sell silicon bracelets to raise awareness and funds for causes we are passionate about. We sold over 130 bracelets, the most popular being the orange Gun Violence Prevention bracelet, so we know that this is something that our region truly cares about. We are the current and future voters of America.

In 5778, we marched, lobbied, and raised awareness. As we enter the 5779 new year, we are committed to making this the year of change within our laws that allow things like this to happen. We will not stand for acts of injustice to continue to happen, we have the power to make change together.

Grace Lefton, NFTY Ohio Valley Social Action Vice President 2018-2019
Shayna Codd, NFTY Ohio Valley Financial Vice President 2018-2019