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  • Leaders

    2016-2017 NFTY-OV Network Packets for LTK

    Network Packets are almost complete and will be posted by Monday, August 15th at the latest! Below are the Network Packets created by the 2016-2017 NFTY-OV Regional Board. Please click on and print out your Network Packet so you can bring it with you to LTK and refer to it throughout the

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  • Shalom Y'all

    NFTY-OV Reflects on Southern Jewish Life

    Zack Carini planned and implemented an amazing Saturday morning Shabbat experience where NFTY-OV teens and professionals share their joys and struggles on their journeys as Jews living in the south. “Being raised in a small town like Bowling Green, KY where almost everyone at your school is Christian or Catholic, I have been able

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